These individuals represent Project Cintegration’s mostly highly recommended professionals commonly needed in the course of becoming a licensee and successfully operating a license to Cultivate, Produce, and Dispense legal Cannabis.  Some specialists are regionally specific, but most specialists we recommend are considered to be  “National-level” Strategists with at least 4 full time years specifically spent on Successfully Executed Cannabis Industry Projects involving two or more States.  Specialists are recommended by Project Cintegration, and are not connected with, or legally associated with, Project Cintegration.

Robert Casillas “Nevada Compliance and Politics”

Richard Stierwalt “Harvard Economist and Las Vegas Production Licensee”

Joy Beckerman “National Hemp Industry Expert”

Mackenzie Lewis “The Negotiator”

Derek Connor “Cannabis Compliance Focused Attorney”

Lucy Stewart “Nevada Permitting and Zoning”

Crystal Newton “Mergers and Acquisitions”

Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (Medical Marijuana)

Amanda Connor “Las Vegas Cannabis Compliance Focused Attorney”

Adam Bierman “Licensee Buildout and Management Services”

Jason Sturtsmen “Budtender Education and Product Promotion”

Nevada Department of Taxation (Recreational Marijuana)