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Ask not what your Government can do for you, ask what you can do for your Government.

-John F Kennedy, Jr.

This is the motto we live by at Project Cintegration. We are experienced Business Strategists from the most highly regulated Industries of America today. We are collaborating on creating the Business Models of the future, and this website serves as the Platform for those Project Developments. Welcome! CEO & Founder -Crystal Newton

Law Enforcement

firearms project

Defenzia M09 Project: The exclusively patented Weapon designed to change American Law Enforcement Relationships with American Communities.

Save a Life
Cannabis Industry

cannabis project

Federal Legalization Project: The Tools, Resources, and Opportunities you need to successfully make it through to Federal Legalization.

Become Highly Regulated
Music Rewrite

rap rewrite project

Famous Lyric Rewrite Project: Submit lyric rewrites of popular songs to engage your Community. Challenge Crystal on her rewrite of Migos' 'Motorsport' to 'Cannasport.'

Battle Crystal


Hemp Project

hemp project

learn more
Foster Children Project

foster children project


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